October 28, 2019
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March 13, 2020


Your Essential Holiday Wish List

It’s that most wonderful time of year when we look forward to gatherings, gift giving, sending meaningful cards, sharing stories about the year that was and making plans for the year ahead.

Yes ….. it is that time of year when we create our wish list of things to do (and buy) for family and close friends. And we create this list because we care about our family and friends and want to make an effort for these special relationships.

So what are you doing for those other special relationships in your working life – your clients and prospects

Isn’t it equally as important to create a holiday wish list for them? Arguably, you wouldn’t be able to “afford” to fulfill your personal wish list if it wasn’t for your clients and prospects.

And the great thing is, you can simply leverage the exact same wish list for your clients and prospects:

  • Gather
  • Give Gifts
  • Send Meaningful Cards
  • Share Stories
  • Make Plans

Many finance professionals and sales people believe that December is a difficult time to meet with clients or engage with prospects. There is this limiting belief that clients and prospects are too busy to discuss their finance or business needs.

Accordingly, for many finance professionals, December has become a low activity month …. when in fact it should be one of the busiest times of year.

As a finance professional or sales person, we are always wishing for more loyal clients and more prospect meetings. And this is a GREAT time of year to make those wishes come true.

Let your clients and prospects know that you care about them as much as you care about your family and friends.

By deliberately developing a professional holiday wish list with the same considerations as your personal holiday wish list, I assure you that all your holiday wishes will come true and you will have an abundance of new business opportunities in the new year.

Consider the following holiday season strategies to help you stay front of mind with your clients and prospects so they can leverage your support to end the year successfully and start the new year positively:


  • Give them a call to thank them for their engagement throughout the year, share holiday plans and offer end of year/new year planning advice.


  • Don’t assume they don’t have time to meet. Provide them with a credible reason to meet (not just for a celebratory drink) or book a meeting NOW for the New Year.


  • Include them on your Newsletter and consider an expanded “Holiday Special Edition” series that not only includes cooking recipes, but great ideas that support their business growth or tax planning.


  • Invite your prospects and clients to events (internal or external) and personally introduce them to people within your Bank, organization and network that can help them.


  • Join the festivities and deliver personalized gifts. Make your gifts and cards personal demonstrating how much you know about your customer or prospect and that you genuinely want to build a relationship. Personally deliver the gift if you can.


  • Send a Thank You Card (or Holiday Card) with a personal message. Let them know you look forward to meeting again. Don’t just sign your name.


There are many ways to make BOTH your personal and professional holiday wishes come true …. and you can leverage the same holiday wish list to make that happen.

Check out this great 6 minute video from my sales coach Dean Mannix ( for more simple and effective “Holiday Selling Strategies”:


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