It’s Time To BELIEVE In Your Success
November 13, 2019
December 17, 2019
It’s Time To BELIEVE In Your Success
November 13, 2019
December 17, 2019

“Think Different”​ By Creating Your Own Personal Brand

Steve Jobs created one of the most successful businesses and personal brands in corporate history.


He became synonymous with the phrase “Think Different”.


It is hard not to think of innovator, genius, and pioneer when we think of Steve Jobs. He certainly stood out in a highly competitive market.


How do you stand out in a crowded finance market?

How would your customers describe you?


Jeff Bezos of Amazon (another successful entrepreneur and brand) is widely quoted as saying “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.


So how do you distinguish yourself in a “room” full of bankers, mortgage professionals or financial advisers who are all offering similar products and services?


In a world of homogenous and generic bank brands, it is essential you create a strong personal brand. 

To be highly successful in this competitive market, you not only need to think differently, but you need to be it, know it, say it and show it.

Confidently and diligently create a personal brand that customers and prospects will remember.

Over the course of my career I followed these four simple rules to creating a powerful and successful personal brand: 

Be it. Know it. Say it. Show it.

1.   BE IT

It’s important that you own your personal brand. That you BE that person at all times. But do you know who you want to BE? 

Focus on the attributes you possess that your customers and your colleagues admire. What is that excellent skill or trait that you are known for and most proud of?

Consider the attributes of someone in your organization (or someone you follow) that you greatly admire and have achieved great success. Do you possess some of those attributes? Do you want to confidently develop some of those attributes?

Now combine these strong attributes and focus on BEing or (BEcoming) that brand. Consider a “Brand Name” or “Tagline” that will help you to remember your brand and what makes you different.

Once you clearly determine how you want to BE remembered by customers – how you want to BE different – then it’s important you BE that person at all times.


2.   KNOW IT

Once you have identified who you want to BE, commit to becoming a subject matter expert in your field to add credibility to your brand. Don’t fake it … take the time to KNOW your brand.

If you want to BE an innovative mortgage professional that is the “go-to” expert for all types of loan structures, then:

  • research loan complexities so you can proficiently answer all types of loan questions; 
  • work closely with your credit team; 
  • develop relationships with other finance brokers who can assist with deals you may not be able to accommodate; and
  • build a library of testimonials and stories that you can share.

If you want to BE a commercial manager that is well known in the local community and strongly supports local business growth, then:

  • become highly knowledgeable about your local market; 
  • develop an intimate understanding of the local businesses in your community; and
  • learn more about specific local business needs/opportunities.  

Research your local target market needs extensively and build highly proficient technical knowledge that supports your brand and makes you very credible.


3.   SAY IT

Now that you have decided to “Walk the Walk”, it’s time to “Talk the Talk”.

The best way to highlight your brand and demonstrate your credibility is to tell your customers, prospects and strategic partners.

Think about all the role models you are wishing to BE …. the most effective way they were able to build their brand and reputation was through their words. 

Of course your actions will also support your brand, but before you can demonstrate what an innovative mortgage professional you are or what a community-minded commercial manager you are, you need to tell people.

Tell people about what makes you different at networking events, presentations and meetings. You can also say it through the words you write. Develop your message and consider all the ways you can SAY it.

To become even more effective, consider further developing your speaking and writing skills.



The most powerful brands have high exposure and visibility. They are instantly recognizable. Consider Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, Amazon’s A to Z smile, Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck sweater and jeans.

What is your logo? What does your brand look like? How do you increase visibility and recognition? You know what you want people to hear when you speak …. Now what do you want them to see and feel?

What would your billboard look like?

Consider all the ways you can promote your brand through social media, marketing collateral, business cards, your website and even your personal look.

This may require the support of your organization, but there are many ways that you can SHOW your brand.

It is important that you are deliberate and consistent about your display efforts to ensure you enhance your personal brand’s visibility and recognition.




It is truly not difficult to become highly successful in an industry crowded by people who are largely thinking, speaking and “selling” the same.

Start thinking differently today by developing (or replicating) a SPECIFIC brand that you can promote to your target market and that distinguishes you from the pack.

Go ahead …. BE it. KNOW it. SAY it. SHOW it.

I’m confident you will be the only one they remember and talk about.



Article written by Joe Micallef – Sales Strategist & Coach – Grow UP Sales. For more advice on how to create your brand please email or visit the webpage

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