The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

During these extraordinary times we have witnessed extraordinary generosity from people and businesses – helping those who have been experiencing difficulties and challenges.

These benevolent efforts are a wonderful representation of people’s willingness to help others. And they generally don’t stop with one good deed. There are numerous ways to help those in need.

Great examples of these benevolent efforts are coming from Bankers, Finance Professionals and other sales people. Noble professionals who are providing valuable solutions that reduce people’s anxieties.

Mortgage Officers have been refinancing loans at record low interest rates, saving people hundreds of dollars in monthly mortgage payments.

Retail Bankers have been opening fee free checking accounts and educating customers about the convenience of online banking to make their daily banking easier.

Business Bankers have arranged government funding assistance (PPP Loans) for small businesses and are now working closely with their clients to have their loans forgiven.

These “gifts” offer tremendous value to consumers and businesses, giving them exactly what they need …. plus offering long term benefits. They are the gifts that keep on giving.

But Mortgage Officers, Retail Bankers and Business Bankers should not stop there. You have PLENTY more gifts to offer your clients.

We all know how HAPPY someone is when they receive a gift (a valuable solution), so this is a PERFECT time to explore more of their needs and offer more.

This is NOT being pushy or “salesy”. Yes, your gifts may come at a price to the consumer or business owner, but the benefits (value) far outweigh the cost.

This is an extension of your benevolence. If you TRULY want to help others, then explore other ways you can help.

Here are some simple tips to help you keep on giving:

Believe that your financial institution (or business) offers tremendous value.

Believe that your products and solutions help people.

Believe that offering these solutions is as charitable as any community service.

Even though the people you are helping may need to buy (pay for) the additional gifts you have to offer, it is essential that you believe they will gain tremendous benefits from these solutions.

Believe that your happy clients, who just received a great gift from you, are very interested in talking to you about their other needs. They want more gifts …. especially if they are going to help them …. and they are willing to pay for them.

You are NOT being pushy or annoying. You are STILL being BENEVOLENT and HELPFUL.

Understand the MANY “gifts” that your financial institution (or business) has to offer.

If you genuinely want to help your clients …. and you do …. then broaden your thinking and stop focusing on what you (or your department) can simply offer.

True benevolence means offering more solutions that will truly benefit your client …. even if it means they may not directly benefit you (or your department).

Remember the MORE gifts you can offer a client, the HAPPIER they will be. And even if they may not buy more from you directly …. I am certain they will be happy to refer MANY people to you.

So take the time to learn about the broader solutions your organization offers, who can help you offer those solutions and, most importantly, what client needs/problems they solve.


Many times when we give a client an amazing gift, they are reluctant to ask for more. Or they simply do not know you have more to give.

But as highlighted earlier, I can assure they need more. They have more needs/problems that you can solve.

So now that you BELIEVE you can help more, and you know WHAT more you have to offer, you simply need to know HOW to give (offer) more.

I sincerely appreciate that we don’t want to confuse our benevolence with a hard sell, so I encourage you to script your approach.

Take the time to develop a simple message that encourages your happy client to share more of their needs with you and to consider your offering.

For Example, after a new happy client receives an incredible gift of a reduction in their mortgage rate (and repayments) consider calling/emailing them with the following message:

“Congratulations Jim on securing a great new interest rate on your mortgage. We are so glad we have been able to help you reduce your mortgage payments.

Other ways we have been helping our new mortgage clients better manage their mortgage payments is by offering checking accounts tailored to their banking needs. 

Our goal is to make it even easier to manage your finances and potentially save you more money.

When would you have a moment to discuss your banking needs so we can offer the right type of account for you?”

There are many ways to offer more gifts without making the client (or yourself) feel uncomfortable. Just remember that everyone is happy to receive a gift that benefits them …. so why stop at only one.

A happy client will always be willing to talk to their benefactor (you) about their broader needs and problems. This results in greater rewards for the client, your financial institution (or business) and yourself.

So your initial wonderful gift really does become the gift that keeps on giving.


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