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September 2, 2021
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September 30, 2021

STOP “Just Following Up ….”

STOP “Just Following Up ….” 


Attention Bankers & Sales Professionals: The harsh reality when it comes to prospecting is:

  • Your prospect is not thinking about you right now.
  • Your prospect does not really need YOUR solution.
  • Your prospect doesn’t trust you yet.

It is important to acknowledge that your proposal/offer is simply one opportunity for them to consider in a world of numerous opportunities and choices.


Therefore this standard follow up message is absolutely pointless:

“I am just following up my proposal (or meeting) to see if you have any questions or would like to proceed”


Yet that seems to be the extent of most follow up messages. We manage to send/recite that message once or twice …. and then wonder why we do NOT get a response!?!

Remember the harsh reality I outlined earlier.

This standard follow up message does NOT remind your prospect you exist.

It does NOT stimulate your prospect to take action.

It does NOT build trust as it doesn’t even suggest you truly care about helping them.

It simply sounds like YOU want the deal …. and all you are doing is reminding them of that.


The aim of your FOLLOW UP message should be to diligently demonstrate how valuable a “partner” you can be for your prospect and how you can make their life better.


I have outlined below three tips to help you create more effective FOLLOW UP messages.



Stop “just following up” and start providing valuable advice and insights with EVERY follow up message.

Here are a few examples of customized follow up messages that offer lots of compelling value:

(a) “In my recent proposal I outlined how we can help you easily acquire a new commercial premises you are seeking. To assist you, I thought you would appreciate a copy of the latest commercial property market report attached.”


(b) “During our last meeting you indicated you were concerned about interest rate movements. I invite you to attend our virtual economic update we are hosting next week to help alleviate your concerns.”


(c) “I recently helped another client find new ways to better manage their cash flows and save money. I know you are interested in generating greater operating efficiencies so I would be happy to meet with you next week to share some simple strategies you can implement immediately.” 




Ideally each of the above compelling value-add follow up messages are concluded with a clear call to action.

It is important that the call to action is YOUR commitment to act, rather than an expectation from the prospect.

Do not rely on the prospect to act. Take ownership of the commitment as this will further demonstrate your genuine interest in building a relationship with your prospect. It will also inspire them to engage with you.

Weak Call To Action:

  • “Please give me a call.”
  • “Let me know if you are interested.”

Strong Call To Action:

  • “I will call you again next week.”
  • “I will send you an invitation.”



Q: How often should I follow up?

A: Until you get a response from the prospect.

As long as you are providing compelling value with each follow up, then I would encourage you to consistently follow up a prospect every 2 – 3 weeks until you get a response.

Your follow up messages are only annoying if you are simply “pleading” with them to respond, rather than consistently providing valuable advice that aligns to their needs/goals.

I strongly recommend you also vary the communication methods. Use email, letters, event invitations, video messages …. and definitely call. Be creative …. but please also make sure to CALL.



When following up, your aim is to be so genuinely compelling that your prospect would be crazy not to engage you as a valuable “partner” to help them achieve their immediate and long term goals.

Use the advice outlined in this article to create a new Follow Up approach and habit. Schedule time in your weekly calendar to diligently follow up your prospects.

Be genuinely interested (and persistent) in starting a new long-term relationship rather than simply closing your next transaction.


Watch my 8 minute coaching video below to learn more about how to more effectively follow up.


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