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March 17, 2020
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April 3, 2020

Social Distancing Does Not Mean Social Disregard

Social Distancing Does Not Mean Social Disregard.

During these challenging times, I urge all Bankers, Finance Professionals and other Service Providers to consider MORE ways that you can lend a hand (metaphorically speaking of course).

As we practice physical “social distancing”, please remember there are many forms of social interaction that you can leverage to engage your customers and prospects.

Now is the time when they need to hear from you the most.

Not only are we experiencing unprecedented health concerns …. but many of your clients (and prospects) also have significant financial concerns.

As Bankers, Finance Professionals and Service Providers you have access to resources and solutions that can help your clients overcome their anxieties.

Don’t Ignore Their Pain

Let your clients know that you know. Don’t simply be a concerned bank officer …. become a highly valuable trusted adviser.

Take the time to pre-determine their financial concerns. Then outreach to your clients and let them know you are aware of these concerns:

  • CONSUMERS – How do they do their daily banking? How can they better manage their savings? How do they minimize fees? How can they access more cash? 
  • BUSINESS OWNERS – How can they better manage their cash? How do they retain staff? How do they fund working capital?
  • INVESTORS – How do they protect their investment portfolio? How can they still gain a suitable return?
  • MORTGAGORS – How can they better manage mortgage repayments? How can they access equity?

I am sure your financial institution has considered at least 2 – 3 ways you can offer assistance during this difficult time. Match your solutions to the above concerns and arrange a time to formally offer guidance.

Don’t simply check in on your clients. Arrange a phone or webex meeting so you can explore ALL their challenges and effectively offer guidance.

Now is the time to step up and indelibly make an impression that your clients will significant appreciate and advocate once this crisis is over.

Short Term Fiscal Burden vs Long Term Financial Prosperity

Understandably you may be concerned about the viability of your own organization at this time. The economic conditions are already having an immediate impact, and any concessional support we offer our clients may also have an effect.

But we need our clients in order to survive now and thrive later …. and the actions you take today will significantly impact the speed of your recovery, and how well you prosper, in the new economic climate that will arise.

Consider what costs you can absorb today to help your clients. Confidently believe that your benevolent actions will provide a significant return at a later date.

I assure you that the costs you incur in helping your clients survive today, will be significantly recouped when your clients thrive and tell others tomorrow.

Develop Your Engagement Scripts & Skills Today

Take the time to develop outreach scripts, questions and offers to help you proactively engage your customers and provide tremendous value.

Regardless of whether you are working at your Bank or working remotely, please don’t “distance” yourself from your valuable customers who need you more than ever.

I am offering a FREE online webinar over the next few weeks for any Bankers, Finance Professionals or Service Providers who are seeking ways to better engage their customers. Please message me to arrange a time.

How are you engaging your customers in this difficult time?

Check out my 7 minute video highlighting the importance of outreaching to your clients at this critical time.


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