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Stop Fearing Objections By Facing Objections … More Confidently

For Bankers and Sales People there are THREE certainties in life …. Death, Taxes and Sales Objections!

Customers ARE going to object to your offering.

Customers ARE going to say “NO”

And there are always things we can learn from these objections that can help us achieve greater success.

No GREAT Banker or Sales Person has a 100% success rate. But what makes them GREAT is that they don’t fear objections and continue to proactively engage in business development on a regular basis.

Don’t let the fear of objections (or rejection) paralyze your efforts.

Instead, face objections by confidently and consistently following a formal sales process and by being better prepared to respond to common objections.


Diligent Sales Process

Do you have a formal Sales Process that you and your colleagues deliberately and consistently follow?

Many times the reason why we receive so many objections is because we have not diligently explored all our customer’s needs and/or we have not understood their decision making criteria.

Handling objections should be part of your Sales Process …. but it should come at the end (before Secure Next Steps).

The more work you do at the front end of the sales process, the less objections you will encounter at the tail end (when the decision to move forward is made).

Stop taking short cuts by trying to close the deal before you truly understand your customer and their needs. You may not avoid objections totally, but you will minimize them.


What are your Common Objections?

Have you listed all the common objections you may face?

By being aware of the objections customers may raise – you can be better prepared to respond. A confident and well considered response will enable you to keep moving the deal forward.

It is essential that you identify common objections and develop response strategies.

There are plenty of great articles, books and courses you can research to help you develop response strategies but it starts by understanding what common objections you may face.


There is Nothing to Fear

Remember there will always be many, many, many customers and prospects for you to meet and some of them will say “No” or object to your offer.

That’s ok. Never take it personally. Create positive learnings. And accept that you will have many, many more opportunities to meet other customers and prospects.


That being said, seek training and work with your colleagues to develop a Sales Process that minimizes objections and to develop objection response strategies.


 Article written by Joe Micallef – Sales Strategist & Coach – Grow UP Sales. For advice on how to create greater sales confidence please email or visit the webpage

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