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How To Create Faster Sales Cycles

With quarter one now complete it is time to review the leads in your sales pipeline and ensure you are now focusing your business development efforts on prospects that are highly likely to convert into sales.

How are you managing your sales pipeline and maximizing your sales efforts?

Review your pipeline today and determine if you have a good “IDEA” about how likely this lead will convert. Consider the following:

Intention to Buy – Have you determined if your prospect has a genuine intention to buy your product/service?

Decision Maker – Are you engaging the right decision makers and how well do you understand their decision making process?

Expectations – Do you clearly understand your prospect’s expectations?

Access to Information – Has your prospect given you access to all the information you require to offer an effective solution/proposal?

The IDEA approach enables you to better qualify a prospect and accelerate your sales velocity. By conducting more effective sales meetings (in-person or over the phone) with your prospects you will be able to convert leads faster or stop wasting time on prospects who are unlikely to buy.

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Article written by Joe Micallef – Sales Strategist & Coach – Grow UP Sales. For sales leadership coaching and guidance contact Joe at or visit the webpage