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It’s Easy. 3M + 3C = More Clients

It’s Easy. 3M + 3C = More Clients. 

Growing your bank or business is easy right?!?

You MEET potential clients and provide solutions for their CONCERNS.

But the tricky part is getting more meetings.

And it becomes trickier (or more difficult) if all we do is contact a list of random prospects, introduce ourselves and suggest a meeting so we can learn more about each other.

That is YOUR reason for meeting. Not theirs. Why would THEY want to waste their valuable time meeting with you when there is no compelling reason to meet?

And there lies the challenge. Finding a compelling reason for a prospect to meet you.


You see, it’s not about contacting as many people as possible and hoping for a meeting. It’s about making yourself TREMENDOUSLY VALUABLE to the people you want to meet.


To help you get more meetings, let me introduce this simple formula:
3M + 3C = More Meetings (Clients)


3M represents “Motivation + Message + Method”

1. MOTIVATION – Consider why a prospect would be motivated to meet you? Remember it’s THEIR motivation, not yours.


2. MESSAGE – Script an influential message framed around THEIR motivation. Keep it short with a clear call to action (ie. meeting request).


3. METHOD – Use a number of different methods to deliver your message – eg. email, LinkedIn, letter, call, text, etc. Please use more than one, and always call.


Makes sense right? Of course it does ….. as long as you get the MOTIVATION right.


To help you determine what would motivate a prospect to meet you, let me introduce the second part of my formula – the 3C’s:

The difficulty for most bankers and salespeople is that your outreach program normally focuses on YOU and not your prospect.


Q: Why would a prospect be interested in meeting you?
A: Because you can provide tremendous value and make their life better.

Q: How do you add tremendous value?
A: By discussing a CONCERN, CRIME or CRISIS that is impacting their business (their life).


Bankers and Finance Professionals, consider these 3C motivation scenarios below:


1) CONCERNS about Banks

  • Bank fees too high
  • Bank does not understand my business
  • Difficult to contact my banker


2) CRIMES being committed

  • Not leveraging equity to fund greater growth
  • Poor daily banking practices
  • No succession plan


3) CRISIS impacting business

  • Pandemic recovery
  • Rise in business taxes
  • Difficulty hiring/retaining skilled labor


Can you credibly discuss the above issues?

Can you offer strategies (and solutions) to help?


If so, then THAT is a good reason for a prospect to meet with you.

Leverage the 3M + 3C outreach process today and you will get MORE meetings and MORE opportunities to provide tremendous value …. and ultimately gain MORE clients.


Click the image below to listen to my interview about 3M + 3C with social media guru Mark McInnes on The BOSS* Podcast (Best Of Social Selling)


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