How much of an impact did your last sales training program have on your ability to achieve sales excellence?

Many companies hire so-called sales training experts to provide sales training to their sales team and believe that is all that is required to enhance their skills. If you’re lucky there may be a mild spike in performance but it is generally business as usual shortly afterwards.

Showing someone how to use the gym equipment is not going to improve their muscle mass or help them lose weight. Relying purely on someone’s level of self-motivation to implement the new skill is a highly risky investment proposition.

Only 10% of skill development is derived from a sales training session. 20% is derived from ongoing sales discussions and a further 70% is derived from practice.

Gain greater value from your investment of time, resources and money by participating in a customized Grow UP Excellence Training Program – where sales professionals and bankers meet twice a month for a highly engaging LIVE virtual sales skills session that includes:

High quality sales skill advice with access to online skills videos

Shared best practices through engaging sales conversations

Highly beneficial field exercises to practice your new skills

Personalized coaching from an experienced sales trainer


Review your current sales culture and growth strategy.

Obtain recommendations for improvement.

Engage us to develop and implement a plan for improvement.


Contact me today to discuss the Grow UP Excellence Training Programs available to sharpen your leadership, sales and service skills that will help you achieve greater success in 2021.

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