Sales Training Webinars

Sales Training Webinars

Five interactive

sales coaching webinars

designed to accelerate deals

through your pipeline.

Program 2: Accelerate Your Pipeline

Program 2 : Accelerate Your Pipeline

April 24:  Gaining Permission To Meet and Offer a Solution

May 8:  Confirming Your Prospect’s Intention to Buy

May 22:  Understanding Your Prospect’s Decision Making Process

June 5:  Managing Your Prospect’s Expectations

June 19:  Gaining Better Access to the Information You Need to Finalize a Sale

You will receive incredible value to ensure the skills learned over these five sessions are effectively implemented:

  • One Hour LIVE Interactive Webinars starting at 10:00am CST
  • Online Training Video/Notes with each Webinar
  • Dynamic Sales Conversations with other Sales Professionals
  • Follow Up Email after each session summarizing Best Practices Discussion
  • Field Exercises assigned with each Webinar to practice the skills learned
  • Direct Coaching Support provided for Field Exercises

Over these five sessions you will learn new techniques for better managing your deal pipeline and accelerating quality leads.

  • Raj Nathan
    Since taking Joe's training, I've revamped how I approach my own sales process, and find I am going into meetings prepared, and with confidence.
    Raj Nathan
    RajNATION Innovation
  • Dan Fisher
    I signed up to work with Joe to further my sales techniques and got more than I bargained for, in the best way. He is brilliant at teaching techniques because he really understands sales strategies.
    Dan Fisher
    Bottle Rocket Media
  • Debra Kocis
    What sets Joe apart from other coaches is his world-class support and accountability! I’ve hired coaches before and Joe’s style, passion and gentle humor was just what I needed.
    Debra Kocis
    Envision Impact
  • Brian Stewart
    I am currently enjoying one of my strongest years to date as a Sales professional, and I can attribute a lot of my success to the concepts and strategies developed while actively participating in Joe's program.
    Brian Stewart

Price: Only $600 for the Entire Program