What was the message you clearly recall from the last sales speaker you watched?

Today there are many keynote sales speakers that are paid to simply share their experiences or advise you about a particular topic/product for a predetermined period. They offer generalized content and may add an infomercial for their upcoming event or book.

Many sales motivational speakers are good entertainers; however how much of their content has long lasting resonance and applicability for your audience? They adequately filled in the time but are quickly forgotten.

The best sales speakers are those that take the time to analyze the audience and tailor their presentation to suit your company’s needs thereby reinforcing important key business initiatives and beliefs.

Good keynote sales speakers creatively compliment and enhance your mission with an engaging, practical and inspirational presentation that is tailor-made for your business. They also end with an appropriate call to action that has immediate impact.


  • Book Joe Micallef to be a keynote speaker at your next event.
  • Review Joe’s wide range of sales speaker topics designed for sales and service teams.
  • Discuss how Joe can tailor his presentation to compliment your business strategy and provide long-lasting effect.


Joe has always impressed as a highly affluent and charismatic public speaker that easily engages his audience with informative topics in an exuberant and exciting manner.


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