How enlightening are your sales conferences?

For most sales people, attending a sales conference is simply a reward or a distraction from their daily work grind.

At the sales conference they will most likely watch a few presentations, receive lots of company information and share a few beverages with their colleagues from across the land.

A significant annual investment that creates momentary jubilance and quality bonding is not a bad thing ….. but it is highly unlikely that your sales conference will create any long lasting business improvements.

Seize this costly and unique annual opportunity to engage and collaborate with your sales team to drive new ideas and create exciting strategies.

Facilitate a sales conference whereby your sales team can workshop the strategic initiatives that they know will create sales excellence in the upcoming reporting period. Generate greater team buy-in and pinpoint future sales success to this important event.

Do your sales conferences produce new ideas and strategies?
Are your sales conferences generating a transparent ROI?
Do your sales people rate the content or the social activities more highly?


Comprehensively review your sales conference objectives and agenda.

Create a sales conference agenda that is engaging, collaborative and promotes strategic thinking.

Co-facilitate your sales conference with your Sales Leader(s) that inspires, educates and empowers your team.


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