Why Aren’t You Offering Your Clients “Happy Meals”?

Why Aren’t You Offering Your Clients “Happy Meals”?

Once upon a time McDonalds only sold individual menu items. That’s right …. there were no “Happy Meals” or “Meal Deals”.

In fact, McDonalds famously coined the cross sell phrase “Do you want fries with that?”

THEY RECOGNIZED that if someone ordered a burger and drink (which were their primary products) they most likely would want some fries with that. It was the most obvious adjacent product a customer would want.

THEN THEY RECOGNIZED they could make it even easier for the customer to buy more if they PACKAGED these adjacent products.

The Meal Deal was introduced and the product combination (packaging) was based on historic customer demand and their most obvious wants.

The Happy Meal is another brilliant example. What would kids (their target market) want in a meal that would make them happy?

Burger. Small drink. Fries (or Apples). Small Toy. Cool packaging. So many great things all wrapped up in one Happy Meal.

What’s even more BRILLIANT about the Happy Meal is not only do the contents MEET THE NEEDS of the buyer, but McDonalds also made it EASY TO BUY.

These clever “Happy Meals” can offer these amazing benefits for your business:

  • They demonstrate an understanding of your customer’s broader needs
  • They make it simpler for you to offer your valuable adjacent solutions
  • They help your customers achieve their broader goals and overcome their challenges
  • They make it easier for your customers to accept your offer (buy)
  • They make your customers happy

Sounds like an excellent sales model to me. So shouldn’t we all be offering “Happy Meals”?!?

What “Happy Meals” can your financial institution offer? What adjacent products/solutions make sense to offer your customers alongside their immediate request?

Commercial Managers – Package your commercial loan offer with business accounts and cash management solutions, free wealth management advice, free personal loan and mortgage assessment, pre approved credit card offer, “work perks” presentation for their staff, invitation to a customer appreciation event and a gift.

Mortgage Officers – Package your mortgage offer with convenient and cost effective deposit accounts, pre-approved credit card offer, free financial planning and insurance advice, invitation to a real estate presentation, invitation to a customer appreciation event and a gift.

Retail Bankers – Package your check account offer with free personal loan and mortgage assessment, efficient daily banking tutorial/lesson, pre-approved credit card offer, invitation to a financial planning and insurance presentation, invitation to a customer appreciation event and a gift.

That doesn’t sound too hard does it?!?

To make your “Happy Meal” more inviting, consider the following:

  • What adjacent products/solutions make sense to offer
  • Create appealing marketing collateral
  • Pre-plan events and presentations
  • Develop simple delivery (cross sell) processes
  • Make it easy for the customer to meet with other specialist bankers

Many Banks do a GREAT JOB with onboarding new customers and providing gifts – cookies, treats, stationery, mugs, etc.

THAT IS AWESOME! But please remember the gift is only one part of a “tasty packaged meal” that is designed to satisfy your customer’s broader financial appetite.

So if you are reading this article and it all sounds too “cute or silly” then please consider this …..

There is a reason why McDonalds called it a Happy Meal. It was designed to make their target market (children) HAPPY.

And they have created millions and millions of happy customers around the world. Don’t we ALL want greater happiness …. and millions of happy customers?

  • Convenience makes customers Happy.
  • Good deals make customers Happy.
  • Solutions for all their problems/goals make customers Happy
  • Happy customers are loyal.
  • Happy customers tell others.

Clearly it makes sense to offer “Happy Meals”. So why aren’t you offering your customers “Happy Meals”?!?

Even if you aren’t inspired to offer a “Happy Meal” (per se), I know you want happy customers.

So I strongly recommend you package your solution and consider simple, creative ways to make it easier for your staff to offer and for your customers to become even more happy with your Bank.


Check out my short 4 minute video below for more personal insights on the HOW & WHY of creating “Happy Meals” for your clients and prospects.


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