How To Stay Energized & Productive While Working From Home

How To Stay Energized & Productive While Working From Home.

Many bankers and finance professionals are now working from home for the first time. What can seem like a nice alternative to working at the branch/office …. can quickly become a highly draining or distracting venture.

Especially if you have kids …. although it can be fun (as seen in my video below).

Here are my four biggest tips for staying energized and productive while working from H.O.M.E. 


  • Create and maintain a daily routine.
  • Develop habits for working from home and be diligent.
  • Consider replicating your actual work habits at the office – including dressing up for work.


  • Set and commit to specific office hours including time for breaks.
  • Create a list of desired outcomes for the day and week.


  • Aim to have a number of phone and/or video conference meetings each day.
  • Maintain your regular internal meeting schedule. Hold meetings over the phone or video conference.
  • Schedule meetings with clients.


  • Schedule time each day (breaks) with your kids and/or to do something you love doing (not work related).
  • Schedule time each week for personal development – both mental and physical. Read, work out, watch a training video or arrange a mentoring session.

Working from home can seem challenging, but it can also be highly productive and energizing. Consider how I work from H.O.M.E. and search the internet for more valuable tips and advice.

How do you stay energized and productive while working from home?

Watch our 5 minute fun instructional video to discover how my three year old daughter, Mabel, and I work effectively from home.


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