Your Finance Doctor Will See You Now
November 11, 2022
Q2: Your Most Critical Quarter Of The Year
April 4, 2024
Your Finance Doctor Will See You Now
November 11, 2022
Q2: Your Most Critical Quarter Of The Year
April 4, 2024

How To Motivate People To Meet With You

The key to success in banking (sales) is to meet more people and offer your great solutions. It’s nice when customers / prospects contact us for a meeting, but we cannot pray and hope that someone will call or walk in the branch. So how do you get more meetings with people?


Many bankers (salespeople) struggle to meet more people because their motivations are misaligned.


Why do you want to meet a new customer or prospect? To gain a new loan or to open a new deposit account? Sure … but customers and prospects are not really interested in that motivation, and can be detracted.


Reconsider your motivation for meeting a new customer or prospect. It’s not to sell them something, but to genuinely assist them with any of their financial challenges or goals.


Be a savior not a beggar!


Now try and understand what would motivate a new customer or prospect to meet with you. They may not have an immediate need for a new banking solution, but everyone has a financial challenge or goal they would like assistance with.


Consider my simple three step approach to motivating people (targets) to meet with you.

(a) Concerns: “I have been speaking to a number of people who are concerned about the lack of personal attention they have been receiving from their banker.”

(b) Crimes: “Did you know that there are better ways for small business owners to manage their cashflow so they can more easily pay their bills and grow their business?”

(c) Crisis: “I understand that many people are worried about rising interest rates. How has the rise in interest rates impacted you?”

(a) Support: “As a Bank Manager for over 5 years, I pride myself on contacting my clients several times a year to get an update on their financial needs and goals.”

(b) Solutions: “I have been showing my small business clients a new approach to working capital management that is significantly improving their cashflow.”

(c) Strategies: “You may be surprised to know that many of my customers have strategically benefited from the rise in interest rates.”

(a) “I would love to share some testimonials from my many happy customers and meet with you to demonstrate the attention you can expect.”

(b) “When would you have a moment next week for me to share some simple working capital solutions that could boost your business cashflow?”

(c) “I invite you to attend a free seminar our bank is offering that provides simple strategies for better managing your investments and loans in this current interest rate environment.”



The key to success is not to contact as many people as possible and hope for a meeting …. but to make yourself TREMENDOUSLY VALUABLE to the people (targets) you want to meet.


You know why you are motivated to meet (and remember it’s because you genuinely want to assist them) but do you clearly know what would motivate a customer / prospect to meet you?


Consider my approach to understanding motivations before your next outreach.



Article written by Joe Micallef – Sales Strategist & Coach – Grow UP Sales. For more advice on how to get more meetings please email or visit the webpage

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