It’s OK to Celebrate
July 3, 2020
September 11, 2020
It’s OK to Celebrate
July 3, 2020
September 11, 2020

Do You Create Amazing Customer Experiences?

Do You Create Amazing Customer Experiences?

On June 10 my incredible wife gave birth to our beautiful twins – Jack & Ruby (pictured).

To say it was a wonderful experience is an understatement – and it was made even more amazing by the great medical professionals at St Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids.

As diligent health care service providers, they certainly provided great service by being knowledgable, personable and technically proficient.

But what made the experience amazing was the way they made us feel.

  • Their insightful advice made us feel informed and confident.
  • Their constant encouragement made us feel comfortable.
  • Their persistent follow up made us feel like they genuinely cared.

They clearly demonstrated they were medical professionals (not simply health care service providers) by passionately delivering upon their Service Mission – “To create amazing experiences for our patients that make them feel confident, comfortable and cared for.”

Are you simply Service Provider or a highly valued Finance Professional?

What does your Service Mission look like?

Banks and Financial Institutions pride themselves on providing “Great Customer Service”. In fact, every banker claims that is their differentiator. But don’t all banks offer great customer service?

Do you want to simply offer great customer service, or would you prefer to create amazing customer experiences?

How would your customers answer these two survey questions every time they met with you?

I strongly believe that bankers are no different than health care workers. You both are saving people from their anxieties and helping them create a better quality of life.

Financial concerns are no different than health concerns. And every one of your customers has financial concerns – no matter how big or small.

Consumers and Business Owners WANT guidance from a finance professional to help them overcome their financial challenges and achieve their financial goals.

I encourage you to continue being knowledgable, personable and technically proficient. That’s great customer service.

But also give insightful advice, offer appropriate solutions and genuinely follow up. That’s an amazing customer experience that will make your customers feel confident, comfortable and cared for.

I know our family will never forget our amazing experience with the medical professionals at St Luke’s Hospital.

Imagine if your customers said that about you and your financial institution.


Develop Your Service Mission & Service Model

Collaborate with your colleagues to develop a specific Service Mission that outlines how you want your customers to THINK & FEEL every time they walk into a branch or meet with you.

Then develop a specific Service Model you can review and coach that will help your staff (your finance professionals) to better ….

  1. ENCOURAGE customers to talk about their needs
  2. EXPLORE your customers’ specific challenges and goals
  3. ENLIGHTEN customers about your valuable solutions
  4. ENERGIZE customers to confidently take action and achieve their goals


I am offering a FREE Amazing Experiences Worksheet to help you develop your Service Mission and Service Model with your colleagues.

Please email today for a copy of my Worksheet that has helped hundreds of Bankers across the globe create amazing customer experiences that truly differentiate their bank.


Article written by Joe Micallef – Sales Strategist & Coach – Grow UP Sales. For more advice on how to create amazing customer experiences please email or visit the webpage

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