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Are Your Customers Attracted To You?

Let’s face it …. the banking industry (and most other industries) require people to build relationships with customers in order to be successful.

No matter how much technology aids the sales process, it is our ability to forge relationships with customers that generates more sustainable and greater income.

So while many of us believe we have good relationships skills, how truly effective are you at attracting (and retaining) customers to your bank (organization)?

In 2010 I met my beautiful wife Jennifer and although I would like to say that I we were instantly attracted to each other, there were many things we both said and did that enhanced that attraction …. and that keep us attracted to each other 12 years later (…. and counting).

And these things also apply when “courting” customers. Like your personal relationships, your customers have a choice as to who they want to be with. So it is important that we consistently make an effort to remain attractive to our customers.

ATTRACTION is simply defined as “the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something”.

So what actions are you taking to evoke the interest of your customers?

Here are four tips that will help you attract (and retain) more customers (and your partner):

People are clearly attracted to people they like. 
People prefer to do business with people they like.

So what are you deliberately doing to create affection? 

I get it ….. in business we are not always going to feel affectionate about every customer, but it is important to recognize that if YOU want to attract more customers, YOU need to be likable.

How likable (affectionate) are you?

  • Do you present well? Do you smile? Do you like to chat with your customers?
  • Do you remember personal details about your customers? Do you make personal connections?
  • Are you genuinely interested in your customers? Do you share common interests?

We will always be attracted to someone who goes out of their way to help us. Clearly, these are people we appreciate.

They say we can always find the good in someone, and when we do it makes us appreciate them a little more. We become a little more attracted to them (even if we weren’t originally).

So let’s always do good deeds for our customers and create greater appreciation. Those who appreciate you also feel obliged (or attracted) to you.

How do you get your customers to appreciate you?

  • What favors are you doing for your customers? What events do you invite them to?
  • What extraordinary service do you provide that makes your customer’s life easier?
  • How do you show your customers you appreciate them?


One of the most important steps in attracting customers is to gain their attention. What would make them consider you to be someone that is interesting or important? 

When I first met my wife, her beautiful looks certainly garnered my attention …. and I would like to think that she felt the same about me.

But what maintained our attention was the conversation we had and the thoughts we shared about life, family and relationships.

What interesting insights are you sharing with your customers that will get their attention and consider you a valuable partner for their financial well being?

Do your customers consider you an expert and an authority in your field?

How do you get your customers attention?

  • What useful information do you share with your customers?
  • How do you educate customers and improve their life?
  • What valuable contacts do you introduce your customers to?

I like to believe that my wife accepted my proposal in 2014 because she was attracted to me:

  • She felt affection towards me;
  • She appreciated all the wonderful things I did for her; and
  • My views on family and relationships consistently captured her attention.

While this attraction provided the foundation for a good relationship, she ultimately accepted my marriage offer because she recognized I could satisfy her needs and goals.

If we make an effort to show affection, be appreciated and gain their attention, then you will always be accepted by your customers as a valuable part of their network.

And if you want to be exclusively accepted by your customers as their principal financial partner, then it is important you make the effort to understand all their needs and goals so you can make a compelling offer they will gladly accept.

How do you get customers to accept your offer?

  • How well do you explore your customer’s broader needs and goals?
  • How compelling are your proposals? Are you offering an immediate solution or a comprehensive partnership?
  • How well are you leveraging their affection, appreciation and attention?
  • How do you make your offer more attractive?


Let’s be very clear …. simply offering an “attractive” business solution will not forge a life long relationship if there is no other attraction.

Without making the effort to show affection, be appreciated and gain their attention you will not have a loyal customer who will introduce you to all their friends.

The effort of attracting customers to you and your organization can be fun, creative and sometimes challenging.

But the wonderful reward of a life long, mutually beneficial relationship makes it all worth it.

Just ask my wife (and my customers).

What are you diligently and deliberately doing every day to attract customers?

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