“Sell” is NOT a Dirty Word
March 11, 2022
Don’t Worry About Rate. Focus On Being Great!
May 1, 2022
“Sell” is NOT a Dirty Word
March 11, 2022
Don’t Worry About Rate. Focus On Being Great!
May 1, 2022

Consistency Builds Strength

Meet my younger brother Ray (pictured above).

10 years ago he weighed 120 lbs and was working in a job that didn’t inspire him. He had no specific ambition but was generally content with his life.

He then experienced a life-changing moment (like many of us have over the past two years) and seriously reflected on what he wanted in life.

Today he is an extremely fit personal trainer (165 lbs of muscle), has participated in many cross fit events around the world and will soon be opening his own gym in Sydney, Australia.

So how did this happen? 

Ray embraced the power of consistency and developed new habits.

Think about it. If you want to achieve ANYTHING in life, it is essential that you consistently make an effort. You can’t try something once and then expect to achieve amazing results. That might work playing the lottery, but your chance of success is 1,000,000,000,000 to 1.

He consistently established and reviewed personal goals.
He consistently committed to his plan.
He consistently trained.
He consistently challenged himself.
He consistently searched for opportunities.
He consistently bounced back from failures.
He consistently helped others and sought help from others.

Do these sound like things you could do more consistently?

Most interestingly, like me, my brother Ray is consistently looking for ways to change his behaviors so he can become better at what he does and help more people.

So if you want to become a stronger BANKER, then consider becoming more consistent at:

  • Engaging customers in conversations about their broader needs
  • Outreaching to new prospects
  • Improving your sales and service skills
  • Contributing in team meetings
  • Seeking support from a leader/mentor

If you want to become a stronger BANK LEADER, be more consistent at:

  • Proactively coaching your team
  • Meeting with individual team members
  • Delegating tasks to others 
  • Empowering people to own projects
  • Seeking support from a mentor
I often hear bankers and bank leaders tell me that they are too busy to consistently do the things that will make them better, stronger and more successful.

Busy doing what?!?

The Enemy of Consistency is NOT time. 

The Enemy of Consistency is in fact:
  • Self Doubt (Lack of Belief)
  • No Desired Goals
  • Lack of Focus (or PLAN)
  • Task Oriented (Reactive)
  • Lack of Coaching (Personal Development)
  • FEAR of Failure

Simple Tip For Greater Consistency

In order to “defeat the enemy” and create better habits that will make you a stronger banker (or bank leader) I encourage you to identify at least TWO goals you strongly desire and THREE specific activities you must consistently do to achieve your desired goals.

Now clear your calendar and prioritize these specific activities FIRST.

Every week. Every month. No cancellations. No excuses. 

Final Thoughts

A wise man once told me that people remember what you consistently do – good or bad.

If you consistently greet people with a smile – they will remember that.
If you consistently reschedule appointments with people – they will remember that.
If you consistently respond to emails the same day – people will remember that.
If you consistently fail to return phone messages – people will remember that.

How do you want to be remembered?  

By the way, that wise man was my father, so it’s not hard to see how both my brother Ray and I were inspired to be consistently good.

What will you consistently do better starting tomorrow?


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