To Succeed You MUST Change
February 20, 2019
5 Simple Ways To Grow Your Bank or Business
May 3, 2019
To Succeed You MUST Change
February 20, 2019
5 Simple Ways To Grow Your Bank or Business
May 3, 2019

What is Your Compelling Super Hero Story?

Please allow me to take a moment to introduce myself (again):

“My name is Joe Micallef. For over 27 years I have been assisting Bankers achieve their growth targets more easily.

One of the biggest challenges facing Bankers is how to differentiate themselves from their competitors at networking events.

Last year I worked with a Banker who was struggling to get new prospect meetings. We developed her compelling story and now she confidently gains at least 2 appointments from every networking function she attends.

I would love to show you how you can develop a far more compelling introduction and gain more business opportunities.”

If you are a Banker (or Salesperson) the above introduction sounds a lot more compelling than “ Hi, I’m Joe Micallef. I’m a Relationship Manager with Acme Bank and we partner with small businesses to help them grow“.

I have heard this very common and generic introduction at networking events for over 27 years. When further probed, I usually receive a “laundry list” of products / services or features / benefits.

With that generic introduction and pitch there is nothing compelling a business owner (or consumer) to want to meet you. There is nothing relatable.

My advice to all Bankers and Salespeople is to STOP selling features and benefits …. and START telling compelling stories. Everyone has a story they can confidently tell …. it is far easier than trying to sell products.

As Chris Orlob from excellently puts it:

“If Your Story describes Their Problem better than they can describe it themselves, they will automatically assume you have the Best Solution.”

Now THAT’S Powerful. THAT’S Compelling!


In order to gain a meeting with a prospect it is important that you provide a compelling reason for them to meet with you.

Create awareness about an important issue that is impacting their business.

Remember that at the center of every good business development strategy is YOUR Compelling Story.

  • Do you know how to create YOUR Compelling Story?
  • Do you know how to be a Hero to your customers and save them from Doom?

Here are two very simple and creative tips for developing your Compelling Super Hero Story:


  1. Understand Your “Super Power”

I always challenge Bankers to first reflect upon their Super Power. What do YOU specifically do better than any one else?

This may seem like a difficult task but now is not the time to be humble. Prospects won’t be compelled to meet you because you are simply a nice person.

Everyone loves Super Heroes and everyone wants to meet a Super Hero.

So be clear about what Super Power you possess. Reflect on how you specifically helped many of your customers.

For example: “They call me The Connector because I have connected many local businesses with influential partners that have helped them better grow their business and become more profitable.”


  1. Identify Your “Villains”
  • What CONCERNS do your prospects commonly share about their current provider (your competition)?
  • What CRIMES are your prospects committing that impact the way they manage their finances or grow their business?
  • What CRISIS do your prospects face that may detrimentally impact their business or their lives?

As highlighted earlier, you need to raise your target market’s awareness about any villainy that may exist in their lives or business that is preventing them from achieving greater success.

Present yourself as the Super Hero that will save them from these CONCERNS, CRIMES or CRISIS.

For example: “Many manufacturing companies are struggling to attract and retain skilled labor. This is having a major impact on their ability to grow. I can show you how we partnered with our manufacturing clients to help them overcome this challenge.”


Many Bankers and Salespeople struggle to make an impression because of their limiting belief that they don’t want to sound too “salesy” or “pushy”.

So STOP using a standard introduction and blurting a generic laundry list of products and solutions.

START telling interesting stories that your audience can relate to. I guarantee you won’t sound “salesy”. In fact you will sound far more interesting and prospects will be compelled to learn more.