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“Coffee is for Closers” – 7 Strategies For Drinking More Coffee

Do you like to drink coffee in the morning? Many sales people drink coffee to better function throughout the day and others like to also engage prospects in coffee meetings.

It has been famously said that “Coffee is for Closers” …. so how much coffee have you really drunk lately? How effective are you at closing new sales opportunities?

Building rapport through coffee meetings may create some level of trust and mutual respect but your job as a salesperson is to get people to make decisions. And the braver you are about closing throughout the sales process the more decisions you’re going to get.

Here are 7 effective closing strategies designed to help you drink more coffee … with purpose!

1. The Direct Close

Very confidently and casually ask directly for the business. Be positive and expect a “yes”.

2. The “I Want To Help You” Close

When using this close you make it clear to the customer that you want to get everything going as soon as possible because you want them to start enjoying the benefits as soon as possible.

3. The Assumptive Close

Just assume the client is going to say “yes” and jump straight to the next part of the process.

4. The Reverse Close

The concept is simple but very powerful – figure out how you can ask the customer to tell you what needs to be done in order to close the deal and get going with the implementation.

5. The Reciprocity Close

If your prospect is seeking some additional consideration – make giving them what they want conditional on them doing the business.

6. The Urgency Close

If the client has told you everything is urgent – let them know early in the sales process that urgent action is going to require urgent decisions.

7. The Trial Close

The more you gain agreement and close off small details throughout the entire sales process, the easier the final close becomes. So a trial close is simply confirming agreement on a small point throughout the sales process.

Start practicing these strategies now and you will soon be closing more deals …. and confidently drinking more coffee! 

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