Are You The “Top Gun” In Your Market?
June 1, 2022
Amazing Mentoring Meetings
June 29, 2022
Are You The “Top Gun” In Your Market?
June 1, 2022
Amazing Mentoring Meetings
June 29, 2022

Conversations Create Certainty

Over the past week I was on a road trip across Illinois and Wisconsin with a coaching colleague – Dean Mannix from Australia. We spent 8 hours in the car together and had tremendous conversations.

During this road trip my colleague reminded me (and our clients) about the power of conversations.

Dean highlighted that the quality of relationships can be directly correlated with the quality of our conversations.

Think about the quality of the conversations you have with your customers, your colleagues, your spouse, your friends …. and even with yourself.

As we emerge from one period of “uncertainty” (the pandemic) into another (the economic crisis), it will be the power of our conversations that will help create more confidence, greater motivation and countless opportunities to help others.

Here are four key conversations we should all be deliberately improving during times of uncertainty:

Now more than ever, it is important to escalate your conversations with customers, prospects and centers of influence.

Embrace your position (and experience) as a finance professional and confidently discuss issues and concerns that may be impacting your customers and offer guidance. 

Bankers (and sales people) are good at building rapport through conversation. It’s safe and easy. However we underestimate the conversations our customers really want with their banker.

Now is the time to build credibility through conversation by asking specific questions, sharing stories about what has been impacting similar customers and outlining how you have specifically helped. 

Customer Conversation Example:

“Many of our small business customers have been concerned about the inflationary and interest rate pressures on their cash flow.

What cost increases have you experienced? How are you financing working capital and capital expenditure? 

We have been working with our customers to offer guidance and assistance with their cash flow management.

We would be happy to talk with you about simple proven strategies to manage cost escalation.”

During the pandemic we all learned that regular conversations with our colleagues (via ZOOM or over the phone) helped us remain resilient and connected.

This learning continues to be relevant during these uncertain times. Consistently positive conversations with our colleagues will help you all overcome any apparent concerns.

I encourage all leaders to regularly schedule team and individual coaching conversations. Proactively develop your team’s skills, behaviors and beliefs in order to enhance their confidence.

During times of stress, it’s also important we remember to have respectful and civil conversations with our colleagues. 

And finally, have robust conversations about your processes. What changes may be needed to help each other and our customers during these challenging times.

Colleague Conversation Example:

“We have experienced these troubling economic conditions in the past and we have emerged stronger with continued growth.

Now is a great time to help more customers. Let’s discuss what has worked for us in the past and share best practices for success.

What specific concerns are you hearing from customers? How can we help them?”

Why we are closer to some family members than others?
Why have we built great long term personal relationships with certain people?

As highlighted earlier, the quality of our personal relationships is directly proportionate to the quality of our conversations.

We have fun conversations with close family and friends. We also have deeply supportive conversations with family and friends. 

There is no better reassurance during times of uncertainty than sharing your concerns with those family and friends you like speaking to. Therefore, consistently seek these conversations and also be willing to converse when needed.

Family & Friends Conversation Example:

“I know you may be worried about the impact a recession may have on your (our) ability to maintain the quality of life you (we) have enjoyed.

I have been speaking to people who are concerned about the rising cost of travel? Are you concerned about that?

What did you enjoy doing before that you feel unable to do now? Let’s discuss some alternative approaches and strategies.”

Statistically, we ARE experiencing economic challenges, but how you perceive these challenges in your role as a valuable financial services provider is a direct reflection of your beliefs – ie. your self-talk.

There are many bankers who are already predicting poor production results and are playing the blame game.

Meanwhile there are other bankers who recognize that in the midst of this chaos there is ample opportunity to help customers.

The difference between the two types of bankers is the conversation they have with themselves.

What does your self-talk sound like? Does it sound positive or negative?

Self Conversation Example:

“What are my specific concerns and fears about my job, my family and my health? How have I overcome these fears and concerns in the past? Who can I speak to for guidance and help?

I have had lots of success in my life. I have great connections with customers, colleagues, family and friends. I know what makes me happy and there is always something I can do to gain more certainty in my life and remain happy.”


During my road trip with Dean he reminded me about a terrific book called “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott.

In the book, Scott says that “human beings are hardwired to solve problems” and that we need to “push aside those inhibitions and those negative voices in our head that are telling you what you have to say is not valuable.”

Now, more than ever, we need to have more “fierce” and valuable conversations with our customers, our colleagues, our family and ourselves if we want to build better connections and a better quality of life.

What are you saying to create more certainty and to build more valuable relationships?

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