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November 14, 2018
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January 25, 2019

Achieve Your WHY in the NEW YEAR

Achieve Your WHY in the NEW YEAR

As another year draws to a close I sincerely hope you can reflect upon the year and feel a sense of achievement.

Did you accomplish your goals for the year? 

Do you remember what goals you set for the year?

Business goals?

Career goals?

Personal goals?


As a sales and service coach, I work with my clients to help them establish sales and service goals and develop strategies for achieving them.


Many clients embrace the coaching and achieve great results. Some clients resist the coaching – preferring to labor with historic efforts and hope they have a lucky year rather than face the discomfort of change and “extra effort” that may in fact provide significantly greater success.


I often wonder why so many people resist change and the importance of adopting new/proven sales techniques. Why don’t they want to take the time to embrace new ideas that can help them become more successful?


And it dawned on me that many people have yet to truly define what “success” looks like for them. What are they trying to achieve in life and WHY those goals/dreams are important to them?


This year I spent a lot of my time reflecting upon my personal WHY and helping my clients identify their WHY. And the results have been truly wonderful.


Without truly understanding your deeper motivation and why it’s important for you to succeed, then you are unlikely to make that “extra effort” to call a prospect, finish that proposal or learn new ideas.


This Holiday Season, when you are reflecting upon your achievements (and challenges) over the past year, take a moment to understand WHY meeting your new goals next year will be so important to you and your loved ones.


The more personal and meaningful you make your WHY, the more likely you will make the effort to achieve it.

This is my Personal WHY

Each year I make an “extra effort” to grow my business in the US so I can spend the entire Australian summer (Dec – Feb) with my three daughters who live Down Under with their Mom.

I’m also able to attend their school ceremonies and other special events throughout the year.



What is your personal WHY?

By better understanding what deeply motivates you to succeed (your personal WHY), you will become more willing to develop strategies and skills that will give you the greatest chance of achieving your personal goals and dreams.


Make next year the year you truly understood WHY it is so important to achieve your business goals and take the steps to make your personal dreams come true.